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2011 : The new Irebs





On January 1rst 2011, the research unit FRE 3211 "Irebs: Biomolecules, biotechnology and therapeutic innovations" became the UMR 7242 "Biotechnology and cell signalling", and an associated team, the EA "Enzymology of plants - fungi interactions" was created.

Research at the new UMR focuses on two major scientific topics:

  • the answer of genomes to chemical, biological or physical environmental changes, and their related reactions in terms of repair, transcriptional activity or degradation, leading to carcinogenesis;
  • the signal or material transduction on both sides of the cell membrane and the regulation of these processes.

These topics are the central themes of the UMR two new scientific departments: "Genome integrity and tumor biology" and "Receptors, membrane proteins and therapeutic innovation".

The new research unit "Biotechnology and cell signalling", operated by both the CNRS and the University of Strasbourg, will bring together 8 teams gathered in these two scientific departments and will have the support of 8 technical platforms.

The Research institute of the Strasbourg school of biotechnology (Irebs) will evolve into a federative structure consisting of 3 research units located in the premises of the Strasbourg school of biotechnology (ESBS), in the Innovation Park at Illkirch:

  • the UMR 7242 "Biotechnology and cell signalling" and its 8 technical platforms
  • the UMS 3286 "Integrative Biological Chemistry Platform" (PCBIS), a CNRS-University joint facility unit
  • the EA "Enzymology of plants - fungi interactions", a university research team associated with the CNRS.