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EMBL Postdoctoral Programme

EMBL Interdisciplinary Postdocs (EIPOD)




With the new EIPOD initiative, EMBL underlines its strong commitment to promote interdisciplinary research.

The institution has a long-standing tradition of scientific excellence that builds on highly interactive research between the research units :

  • Cell Biology and Biophysics, Developmental Biology, Director’s Research, Genome Biology and Structural and Computational Biology at the main laboratory in Heidelberg,
  • Bioinformatics at EMBL-EBI in Hinxton (UK),
  • Structural Biology in Hamburg (Germany),
  • Structural Biology in Grenoble (France) and Mouse Biology in Monterotondo (Italy).

EIPOD projects bring together scientific fields that are usually separate or transfer techniques to a novel context.

In the 2011 selection rounds, EMBL and Marie Curie Actions will fund a minimum of 30 EIPODs supported by at least two labs, preferably located in different units.

Application Deadline : 20 March 2011.

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