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Current Opinion in Structural Biology & DNA Repair

October 16-18, 2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

February 16, 2011


This meeting considers the structural biology of the major pathways of DNA repair and their interface with all DNA transactions in cell biology.

Topics will stress the involvement of DNA repair complexes in decisions points in cell biology including replication, recombination, and transcription processes. Talks will include the nature of the DNA damage, our understanding of repair detection, signally, and processing mechanisms, and the connections of DNA repair responses and human health.

The focus of the conference will be on the following themes :

  1. Chromatin Remodeling and DNA repair
  2. Replication, mismatch repair and genome fidelity
  3. Nonhomologous end-joining
  4. Compelling structural and mechanistic questions
  5. Making Double strand break repair complexes speak
  6. DNA Damage signaling and processing
  7. Complex Lesions and Damage response Complexes
  8. DNA repair and disease

Call for abstracts

Abstract submission deadline : 29th of April, 2011
Author registration deadline is 24th June

Register before August 19, 2011

- More information on the Conference website