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Gordon Research Conferences : Epigenetics - Mechanisms, Development and Disease

August 7-12, 2011 Stonehill College Easton, MA, USA

February 16, 2011

Because the study of epigenetics explores scientific realms beyond the determination of chromosome sequences of model organisms, it is one of the most exciting and fastest growing research areas within the fields of genetics and developmental biology. Remarkable progress elucidating the molecular mechanisms behind epigenetic gene regulation has been made in the past few years. The diverse mechanisms that contribute to epigenetic processes include DNA methylation, histone post-translational modifications, DNA elimination and rearrangements, protein-protein interactions, RNA-mediated gene silencing, physical interactions among genes and the three-dimensional organization of chromosomes within the nucleus. At the 2011 Epigenetics Gordon Research Conference, leading researchers from around the world will discuss these, and many other, aspects of epigenetic regulation in diverse species, including mammals, plants, fungi, ciliates, worms and insects.

Preliminary Program :

A list of preliminary session topics and speakers is displayed below (discussion leaders are noted in italics). The detailed program is currently being developed by the Conference Chair and will be available by April 7, 2011. Please check back for updates.

  • Epigenetic Mechanisms I : DNA Methylation and Demethylation (Jean Finnegan / Steve Jacobsen / Eric Selker / Tim Bestor / Dan Zilberman)
  • Environment, Aging, Memory and Behavioral Epigenetics (Ting Wu / Ryszard Maleszka / Emma Whitelaw / Courtney Miller / Alysson Muotri / Anne Brunet)
  • Epialleles and Epigenetic Inheritance (Eric Richards / Tetsuji Kakutani / Vicki Chandler / Steve Henikoff)
  • Developmental Programming and Reprogramming (Marisa Bartolomei / Rudolf Jaenisch / Wolf Reik / Hiro Sasaki / Bill Kelly / Yi Zhang)
  • Epigenetic Mechanisms II : RNA-Mediated Heterochromatin Formation and DNA Rearrangement (Doug Chalker / Kazufumi Mochizuki / Mariusz Nowacki / Marjori Matzke / Jian-Kang Zhu)
  • Epigenetics and Disease (Craig Pikaard / Steve Baylin / Howard Chang / Evan Rosen / Heather True / Reed Wickner)
  • Gene Dosage Control Mechanisms (Jim Birchler / Jeannie Lee / Barbara Meyer / Joost Gribnau / Andrew Spence)
  • Epigenetics and the Genome : Position-Effects, Replication and Nuclear Organization (Judith Bender / Bas van Steensel / Sally Elgin / Kristen Johansen / Jason Brickner / Scott Michaels)
  • Instructing the Next Generation through DNA Imprints and RNA Signalling (Anne Ferguson-Smith / Rob Martienssen / Ueli Grossniklaus / Rebecca Oakey / Rebecca Mosher)

Applications for this meeting must be submitted by July 10, 2011.

- More information on the conference website