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Gordon Research Conferences : Multi-Drug Efflux Systems

June 12-17, 2011 Les Diablerets Conference Center, Les Diablerets, Switzerland

March 14, 2011

The 2011 meeting entiteld "From Molecular Mechanisms to Pharmacological Modulation" will focus on recent advances in unraveling molecular mechanisms of transport and multi-drug recognition based on biochemical, genetic and structural studies. Special emphasis will be made on new methods and techniques to study membrane proteins. Many other aspects such as the cellular mechanisms regulating activity of MDR transporters, the physiological functions of MDR transporters in various organisms and their pathophysiological functions in humans will be also covered by leading scientists and representatives of pharmaceutical companies from all over the world. Various strategies of pharmacological modulation of function of MDR transporters to improve the clinical outcomes of chemotherapy will be discussed at large.

Sessions :

  • Keynote Lecture by Piet Borst (University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands) "Drug efflux transporters and their role in cancer cell resistance and survival"
  • Significance of Efflux in Multi-Drug Resistance
  • Diversity of Biological Functions
  • Structure and Mechanism of Multi-Drug Efflux Pumps 1
  • New Methods to Study Membrane Transporters
  • Structure and Mechanism of Multi-Drug Efflux Pumps 2
  • Control of Gene Expression / Modulation of Activity
  • Approaches to Overcome/Modulate Multiple Drug Resistance
  • Polyspecific Transporters in Drug Discovery, Development and Response

Applications for this meeting must be submitted by May 15, 2011.

- More information on the conference website