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Laboratory framework

The research unit 7242 "Biotechnology and cell signaling: genome integrity, tumor biology, receptors, and therapeutic tools" is at the crossroads of integrative biology (homologous recombination in mice and phenotyping), biological chemistry (screening of compounds collections and development of pharmacological tools with high therapeutic potential), and biotechnology.

Two departments bring together 7 teams involved in research on genome integrity, cell identity, carcinogenesis, immunotechnology, receptors and membrane proteins, as well as therapeutic innovation.

To illustrate the scientific, functional and structural organization of the UMR 7242, three charts (in French only) are available for download:

PDF - 346 kb
Organigramme structurel 2014
PDF - 319.2 kb
Organigramme scientifique 2014
PDF - 312.2 kb
Organigramme fonctionnel 2014






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