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Gordon Research Conference on Chromatin Structure & Function

July 25-30, 2010 - Smithfield, RI, USA

November 13, 2009

The 2010 Gordon Conference on Chromatin Structure and Function will present forefront research on how the genome is packaged and how that packaging is involved in regulation of nuclear processes and will take place at Bryant University, Smithfield, RI, USA.

The conference will include talks on nucleosome structure, nucleosome remodeling, covalent modification of histones, histone exchange and histone variants. Compaction of chromatin, higher order structures, long-range interactions, mitotic and meiotic mechanisms, RNA-based mechanisms, transvection and paramutation will also be covered. Invited speakers represent a broad variety of approaches including genetics, structural biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology and bioinformatics. This conference has a long history of attracting the top researchers in the field of chromatin structure and function and fostering interactions between these people and new members of the field. The 2010 Conference will continue the trend of extending coverage of the variety of approaches used to study chromatin.

Applications for this meeting must be submitted by July 4, 2010.

The conference program.