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Keystone Symposium on G Protein-Coupled Receptors

April 7 - 12, 2010 - Beaver Run Resort, Breckenridge, Colorado, USA

November 13, 2009




The large family of GPCRs includes many potential therapeutic targets, yet successful development of new drugs for GPCRs has been disappointing in spite of having access to all GPCR sequences in the genome, as well as physiologic insights from gene modification technology, larger more diverse compound libraries, and advances in high-throughput screening technologies. The goal of this meeting is to examine the challenges facing GPCR drug discovery, and to explore the application of structural biology, genomics and proteomics to GPCR target selection, and to lead identification and optimization.

Sessions :

  • Ligand Efficacy and Compartmentalized Signaling
  • Approaches for Identifying and Validating GPCR Targets
  • GPCR Structure and Activation
  • Structure-Based Drug Discovery as Applied to Soluble Proteins
  • G Proteins, Arrestins and Other Signaling Molecules Activated by GPCRs
  • Computational Approaches to GPCR Structure and Signaling
  • New Topics in GPCR Drug Development

Abstract deadlines :

  • On and before December 7, 2009, the cost is $50.00, which is deducted from your registration fee when you register for this meeting. After December 7, 2009, there is an additional $50.00 fee.
  • You may submit your abstract on the KS web site until January 5, 2010.

Registration deadline :

  • You may register for this meeting on the KS web site until April 7, 2010.

- The meeting program