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JSPS Forum : Food Science & Society

Friday 21 & saturday 22, May 2010 - Institut de Chimie, Strasbourg, France

March 22, 2010









The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) organizes its 1st Forum on Food Science and Society on May 21-22, 2010, at the Guy Ourisson auditorium, Institute of Chemistry, Strasbourg University.

This Forum will be the 1st Joint Forum of the German and French JSPS Alumni Associations, JSPS Bonn and Strasbourg offices bringing together french, german and japanese scientists from different institutions and experts, offering them an ideal opportunity for discussions and exchange on “Food Science” and “Food Culture”.

The intention of this Forum is to discuss these major topics from a multidisciplinary scientific point of view. Invited speakers from three different countries will present selected results of their research to give a comprehensive understanding. They will also shed light on the cultural distinction of how to deal with the subject food. Beginning with a general overview on food science and culture, the Forum will encompass the following research fields :

  • Philosophy, Society and Politics
  • Medicine, Nutrition and Safety
  • Development of Food and Taste, Cuisine, Cooking and Art

Please note that, on the saturday forum, there will be a joint talk entitled "Note by note cooking : Dialogue between Science and Art" by Dr. Hervé THIS, directeur scientifique de la Fondation Science et culture alimentaire et Académie des sciences, INRA/AgroParisTech, and by Mr. Émile JUNG, former chef of the restaurant Au Crocodile, Strasbourg.

- More information on the JSPS Forum website