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The EMBO meeting 2010

4 - 7 September 2010, Barcelona, Spain

July 20, 2010

Fast-paced conceptual and technological advances are profoundly changing the landscape of molecular biology research in terms of the depth and nature of biological insights gained. We are particularly excited to organize and present the programme for The EMBO Meeting 2010 to highlight the dynamism of the field and feature many leading researchers as speakers.

Reflecting an emphasis on functional and system-level insights, three plenary lecture sessions will be devoted to modern evolutionary biology, to molecular developmental biology and to the rapidly developing fields related to systems biology, such as network biology, functional genomics and synthetic biology.

A rich selection of topics will be addressed in 21 workshops, juxtaposing classical with less classical fields of research. Thus, workshops focusing on central themes such as cell signalling and division, chromosomal organization, genome stability, cell differentiation and pluripotency, epigenetics and mechanisms of gene regulation will be complemented by a series of sessions that will explore the new frontiers in molecular biology.

Register by 15 August to benefit from discounted registration fees.

- For more information, please see EMBO meeting website

- Direct access to the detailed programme