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1st European Congress on Capillary Cytometry

27 and 28 September - Strasbourg, France

July 29, 2010





The 1st European Congress on Capillary Cytometry will be held on 27 and 28 September in Strasbourg, France.

Flow cytometry is considered today as a mature technology with application in many fields. Among the machines of the latest generation, capillary flow cytometry systems are compact, user-friendly and powerful enough to run the most complicated assays. When associated to a revolutionary analysis software like InCyte with multi-well comparison capabilities and most importantly real-time interaction on cytograms, they became even more powerful.

Cytomic and HCS invited speakers :

Attila Tarnok - Clinical Cytomics : Cells instead of gene as elementary units
Hansjorg Hauser - Identification and characterization of small molecules that interact with the endogenous interferon system

Capillary cytometry invited speakers :

Simone Jueliger - New approaches to determine the anti-tumour activity of novel agents in preclinical models of B-cell malignancies
Timo Kehl - Growth suppressive effects of 15-Lipoxygenase isoforms in pancreatic cancer
Virginie Serpaggi - University of Dijon - Specific quantification of Brettanomyces bruxellensis by fluorescence In Situ and Flow Cytometry (FISH-FCM)
Michel Auffret - Some developments of benchtop flow cytometry in marine biological sciences
Bruno Olivier - Evaluation of leukocyte reduction in labile blood products using capillary cytometry technology
Simon Powis - The use of flow cytometry in the study of secreted exosomes and microvesicles

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