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Structure of HPV 16 E6

Structural analysis of E6 protein and its viral or cellular ligands

The E6 protein of human papillomavirus type 16 (the most frequent HPV) is a small multifunctional protein of 151 amino acids with several oncogenic activities.

Our group provided an important contribution to the biochemical and structural characterisation of this protein. We reported that the HPV16 E6 protein contains two stable domains, E6-N and E6-C. For the first time, the structure of E6-C domain has been solved by NMR and a model of the full-length E6 protein has been proposed.

Ongoing projects deal with the structure elucidation of full length E6 proteins from different papillomaviruses alone or complexed with ligands (E6AP, PDZ domains, p53).


Proposed pseudodimeric arrangement of the E6N and E6C domains
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Bacterial expression systems, isotoping labelling 15N and 13C of proteins in E. coli, recombinant protein purification (chromatography, FPLC), NMR, structure calculation methods, bioinformatics.

Contacts : Gilles Travé, Katia Zanier, Yves Nominé.




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