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Protein engineering

Tools for protein engineering

The E6 oncoprotein is difficult to express as a recombinant soluble and folded form. This has led us to study the causes and the mechanisms of aggregation of difficult-to-express proteins in general.

We develop strategies, based on biochemical or biophysical assays, for efficiently checking and optimising the foldability and solubility of "recalcitrant" recombinant proteins.

We also develop innovative methods for rapid analysis of protein interactions. For instance, we have designed an easy chromatographic method (the "holdup" assay) which allows the detection of medium to low affinity protein-protein interactions at equilibrium conditions.

We have also optimised a fast and low-cost approach for determining protein-peptide interaction constants in a Biacore™ instrument.

We are currently working to adapt our quality optimisation and protein interaction methodologies to high-throughput formats.


Bacterial expression systems, protein purification, Biacore™, holdup assay, analytical ultracentrifugation, NMR, fluorescence, circular dichroïsm, microcalorimetry, electron microscopy.

Contacts : Gilles Travé, Yves Nominé, Katia Zanier.




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