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Building maintenance

On duty: Jacqui PROBST

The service of logistics and maintenance of premises is responsible for the operation of all technical installations installed at both the IREBS and ESBS premises.


The duties of this service are:

  • Maintenance of the demineralized water station located in the basement
  • Maintenance of the system of generation and distribution of softened water and refrigerated flood for cold rooms and air conditioning system
  • The monitoring and maintenance of cold rooms in coordination with the external private company in charge of this maintenance
  • Minor maintenance of laboratories, offices and technical rooms (changes of neon tubes and light bulbs, plumbing)

- Contact : PROBST Jacqui

In case of emergency, and if our engineer is nonattending, please contact:

Pôle API Chief Safety engineer

- Phone : extension 44 510 or 03 68 85 45 10 or by calling the switchboard (dial 10)
- Email: raphael.poinsignon(at)

Technical and safety emergency call, at night or on extra duty:

Pôle API resident safety engineer:
- 24h a day by cell phone call: 06 61 35 33 67
- or calling extension
 58222 (call redirected on the cell phone number above) :

The resident safety engineer is housed at the Pôle API et can therefore rapidly step in for help and allow the emergency crews to enter the building at any time, especially at off duty hours.

In case of major electrical incident, it is STRICKTLY forbidden to open and intervene on the the electrical wall cabinets.

The electrical switches can only be handled by authorized persons. At the IREBS, the authorized persons are:

- Contact : PROBST Jacqui
- Contact : AMÉ Jean-Christophe