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UMR 7242 - Biotechnology and cell signalling

Newcomers reception & research support

The mission of the Service of reception and support for the research is to welcome newcomers at IREBS and assist them in the necessary administrative paperwork.


- Contact : BRESSON Anne


Each newcomer at the UMR - BSC (CNRS or University staff member, person under contract, postdoc, PhD student, visiting student) must be introduced to the person in charge of his/her welcome by the inviting team leader.

He/she will receive a welcome brochure written in english explaining:

  • how to apply for an access badge
  • how to get an email address
  • hygiene and safety organization rules
  • how to behave in case of emergency
  • dangerous manipulations and specific risks
  • how to handle waste and recycling
  • the use of radioactivity and workers protection
  • the rules for access to the computing facilities

Each newcomer will have to sign an official form to acknowledge having received full information about the following topics:

  • internal laboratory rules
  • good laboratory practice
  • hygiene and safety rules
  • IT charte

The leaving person has to sign the departure form and certify that :

  • he/she cleaned his/her bench, empty vials, fridge and freezer
  • he/she gave back his/her experiment notebook
  • he/she returned key and badge
  • he/she gave back the computer that was lent to him/her