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Public relations

Officer: Anne BRESSON

The public relations officer defines the general information and communication strategy of the Irebs and carries out communication activities to different audiences. He also promotes the image and identity of the institute.



His main tasks are:

  • Coordination of both internal and external communication policies
  • Relay of official information from the CNRS and the university
  • Search, processing and release of relevant information to targeted audiences: staff of the Irebs, local scientific community, academic institutions and the public
  • Evaluation of the communication actions and their relevance
  • Advices to researchers on the best strategy for releasing their latest research results
  • Organization of scientific talks and the monthly seminar series "Les vendredis de l’ESBS"
  • Organization of institutional, scientific, commercial, public events

The public relations officer also administrates the Irebs website: besides his webmaster duties, he is the main editor of the content, and coordinates the editorial activities of his colleagues who are invited to edit and update the scientific pages.

- Contact : BRESSON Anne