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Gordon Research Conferences : Signal Transduction within the Nucleus

February 27 - March 4, 2011 Four Points Sheraton / Holiday Inn Express Ventura, CA, USA

August 25, 2010

This conference provides an outstanding forum to present and discuss new findings for how signaling pathways participate in the regulation of nuclear processes. Elucidating the mechanisms by which nuclear enzymes, chromatin and its modifications and nuclear machineries contribute to the abilities of cells and organisms to respond and survive in dynamic environments will be essential to gain a full understanding of the nuclear dysfunctions that contribute directly to disease processes, including cancer biology and genetic disorders.

Selected topics :

Nucleo-cytoplasmic signaling, the physiology of stress responses, nuclear lipid signaling, nuclear receptor signaling, agonist-induced nuclear lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, chromatin composition and functional role, DNA damage/repair pathways, nuclear organization and spatial architecture, nuclear membrane dynamics, RNA processing and export, and control of nuclear division.

Preliminary program :

  • Keynote Lecture : The Unfolded Protein Response
  • Stress Signaling
  • Nuclear Organization
  • The RNA Polymerase II and Transcription
  • Transcriptional Regulation by RNA Polymerase II and Chromatin
  • Signaling to the Nucleus
  • Nuclear Positioning of Chromatin and the Regulation of Gene Expression
  • RNA, Chromatin and Nuclear Signaling
  • Nuclear Inositide Signaling

Applications for this meeting must be submitted by February 6, 2011.

- More information on the conference website