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Keystone Symposia : Histone Code : Fact or Fiction ?

January 10 - 15, 2011 • Zermatt Resort & Spa - Utah • Midway, Utah, USA

August 26, 2010

It has become customary to refer to posttranslational histone modifications in all contexts as “epigenetic”, and to refer to a histone ‘code’. In certain contexts, histone modifications contribute to the epigenetic maintenance, whereas in others, they don’t. Similarly, some of the phenomena attributed to the posttranslational modification of histones do not fall into the strict definition of a ‘histone code’.

The emphasis in this meeting will be on the effect of posttranslational histone modifications on the structure and readout of the genome, and less on the enzymatic activities and their regulation.

Goals of the meeting :

  • Investigate how histone modifications participate in the maintenance of epigenetic information
  • Elaborate on recent findings that epigenetic states are likely conveyed as a dynamic equilibrium of opposing modifying activities that involves feedback loops, and talk about ‘epigenetic memory’
  • How do histone modifications affect nucleosome / chromatin structure and stability / interaction with chromatin architectural proteins ?
  • Discuss the responsiveness of the epigenetic process, and the 3-D interplay in the nuclear environment that ultimately decides which gene will be fired up.
  • Have a workshop highlighting newest approaches / technologies to study histone modification states.
  • Have a final round table discussion to perhaps re-define and tighten up terminology, and to consolidate viewpoints where possible.

Meeting Program :

  • Keynote Session
  • Relationship between Epigenetics and Histone Modifications
  • Re-Programming Epigenetic States
  • Mechanistic Nature of Epigenetic Memory
  • Epigenomics and Roadmaps
  • Histone Modifications and Chromatin Structural Impact
  • Combinatorial Readout of Histone PTMs
  • Dynamics of Histone Modifications and Chromosomal Organization
  • Histone Code : Fact or Fiction ? - The Debate

You may register on the meeting web site until January 10, 2011.

- More information on the meeting web site